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Carbon Fiber Prototype Manufacturing

protoWolfden Products has invested in its own composite bonding autoclave equipment and manufacturing processes, so that we can complete small-quantity carbon fiber projects in house, including prototypes. It’s our aim to provide our clients with all of their carbon fiber manufacture needs from start to finish.

From sport aircraft to medical diagnostic equipment to ballistic protection, our prototyping capabilities are vast. We work with a number of companies from a variety of industries to align engineering solutions with available resources, timetables, and regulatory compliance requirements. That’s our mission.

Carbon Fiber Manufacturing Process: An Inexpensive Alternative for Prototypes

Most turn to machine injected molding or test fitting for prototype creation. But Wolfden Products’ carbon fiber prototypes are an inexpensive alternative that rely on custom buck and mold design.

All parts of our carbon fiber prototypes are made using a prepreg autoclaved process. This process produces high-density carbon to resin ratio, compared to a wet layup process.

The Wolfden Carbon Fiber Prototype Difference

Wolfden Products does not outsource any stage of our carbon fiber manufacturing process. We provide a personalized service for you and keep it all in-house, which means we can control quality and production speed. We want you to have a fast turnaround (usually within 30 to 45 days if you choose the express prototyping option).

As part of our efforts to control every step of carbon fiber prototype manufacture, we support you and the project from concept to production. If after the prototype production you are ready for high-volume manufacturing, trust Wolfden to handle that capacity for you as well.

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